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Maldives experiences sunshine throughout the year with average temperatures of 28 – 30 degree Celsius during the day. The climate is perfect for sun bathing and water sports, but overexposure is a problem faced by many vacationers as it causes sunburns and even eye damage. So here is a pre-vacation checklist for protecting your self from over exposure.

Sunscreen –  Unprotected,  skin can burn in as little as under half an hour. Even if you already have a tan, sunscreen remains essential. You will still tan with it on, and you will cut the risk of sunburn. Sun screen is a must if your skin is sensitive.


Lip Balm – Lips are very sensitive to heat and since your lips do not produce melanin, they have no natural protection from the sun. Applying lip balm to your lips will help you avoid overexposure.

Hat – Whenever possible, wear a hat to cut the amount of sun exposure to the delicate skin on your head, face, ears and neck. It might become very hot during the mid-day, and specially on a sand bank, there will be no shelter from the direct sunlight.

Sunglasses – White sandy beaches, during the day are really bright and the reflections from the sea might be too much for your eyes.  Avoid the short-term effects of tired, itchy eyes and headaches by wearing sunglasses while outdoors.

Long Sleeve Shirt – Proper clothing is crucial in protecting yourself from overexposure to the sun. A thin long sleeve shirt is perfect to wear when you feel like you’ve had enough sun.

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